Sizing a Fireplace Liner

To begin properly sizing a fireplace liner, you first measure the fireplace opening width and height. The proper term is firebox opening. Note: the measurements need to only include the actual opening, not any obstructions. To clear this up, think of a phone where if you measure the screen size and phone size they will … Read more

5 Common Chimney Problems

1, Chimney Crowns Common chimney crown problems include cracking and chipping. This issues will commonly arise in improperly constructed chimney crowns. Key aspects to a properly poured chimney crown include flashing between concrete and brick, expansion joint between concrete and liner, proper overhang, and proper slope. 2, Chimney Counter Flashing Chimney counter flashing is rather … Read more

Chimney Inspection Safety

An auto technician will take safety precautions when working on a vehicle. An electrician will make sure he will not get shocked during their work or inspections. Like all other jobs, chimney  inspectors will also take precautions during their examinations. Two of the most dangerous and important aspects to their inspections include proper ladder set … Read more

What is Masonry?

Masonry is a skilled trade in the construction or restoration of masonry units (brick, stone, glass block, concrete blocks, etc). At Coast to Coast Masonry, we see it a step further. So really – what is masonry? We believe masonry work is art.  It is an art and skill that requires patience throughout the labor … Read more

About Us

Coast to Coast Masonry (CTC), is proud to serve quality tuck-pointing, brick repair, and all other masonry needs for over 26 years. CTC Masonry was founded in 1994 by Mr. Stanley Zuber and Mr. Romen Zajac, both who still work full time within the company. Their long commitment has resulted in consistent masonry work, as … Read more

How Often Should I Sweep My Chimney?

The car you drive, the sink you use, and the fireplace you warm up by all have a similarity. These are all serviceable items, meaning maintenance is important. Clearing up this first point, YES you should have your chimney swept, just like your car should have its oil changed and your sinks plumbing cleaned up. … Read more

What Does a Chimney Sweep Do?

If you like to drive your car a lot, you understand the necessary oil changes, tire rotations, and other services needed for a longevity and durability. If you like to cook a lot, you understand the necessary preparation and cleanup, to ultimately have longer lasting materials and for the safety of your own health. All … Read more

Pros and Cons of Brick

Are you building a new home or looking to change the exterior of your house? Here we will go over the pros of brick  versus the cons of brick if that is an option you are considering.   Pros and Cons of Brick   Pros of Brick LOW MAINTENANCE The first part of pros and … Read more

Difference Between Concrete and Mortar

Often times during masonry project estimates, we realize clients mix up and do not know the difference between concrete and mortar. What is the difference between concrete and mortar? Although both are strong building materials, concrete is a stronger and more structural material, whereas, mortar is more of a bonding element. Let’s compare the difference … Read more

Common Masonry Issues

A masonry unit can be a brick, stone, concrete block, etc. The idea of masonry is two-part, structure and support, or brick and mortar. Unsurprisingly, the use of brick and mortar is very strong. As a kid, I was throwing my fastballs, shooting hockey pucks, and beaming soccer balls at my parent’s brick wall on … Read more

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