Common Masonry Issues

A masonry unit can be a brick, stone, concrete block, etc. The idea of masonry is two-part, structure and support, or brick and mortar. Unsurprisingly, the use of brick and mortar is very strong. As a kid, I was throwing my fastballs, shooting hockey pucks, and beaming soccer balls at my parent’s brick wall on … Read more

Brick Retaining Wall Info

Building a retaining wall is a tedious job. You can get away with heavy rocks and stones stacked or you may prefer a more elegant brick/stone and mortar finish. If this is the case, build it right the first time to save yourself from having to rebuild the whole wall again, losing a lot of … Read more

Lintel Replacement

Rusted lintel replacement is so important. The earlier this fix is pursued, the less chance of masonry damage and any potential water intrusion issues in the building. How can you tell if your lintel is rusting and get ahead of the curve? Rusting lintels will create cracking at masonry corners, begin to flake, and potentially … Read more

Green Chimney Stains

Issue and questions about a green chimney stain? First off, if your chimney is green, there is most likely a host of issues with your chimney to begin with. These issues allow water to run freely on the affected area, therefore causing the issue of mold or algae.   Green Chimney Stain   How to … Read more

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