Black Chimney Stains

Year one: You have purchased your brand new dream house and on your first family winter you keep your wood burning fireplace at work! Year ten: Your tenth winter in the house, seemingly no issues with the fireplace, but as you step outside, look up, you notice black chimney stains near the top. Cosmetic issue? … Read more

Chimney Liner Options

When looking at your chimney liner options, there are three main routes to go.  Clay flue stacks and stainless steel liners are the two most popular options. The clay options is often done by home builders as it is a cost effective route to go. The stainless steel options are usually done in place of … Read more

Inner Damaged Chimney Inspection

Water is leaking into your house, a smokey smell lingers after every fire, cold air drafts into your house… All these can be either caused by or effects of an inner damaged chimney. Like an accountant trying to fix an engine or a doctor trying to patch his roof, you look up your chimney and … Read more

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