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Stone Masonry In Chicago

If you’ve noticed cracks or crumbling stone around your property, it can be troubling for a number of reasons. When you have concerns about your structural stability, call Coast to Coast Masonry for expert stone masonry in Chicago. We’re your go-to local contractor for stone repair because we have the expertise to ensure the job gets done right. Whether you have a residential or commercial building in need of stone masonry repair, count on us to handle a wide range of projects.


A Complete Range of Capabilities


We’re your best choice for repairing and restoring stone masonry in Chicago because we have the ability to tackle just about any type of work for you. Examples of the type of projects we have successfully completed include:

  • Façades
  • Foundations
  • Chimneys
  • Lintels
  • Retaining walls
  • Garden walls
  • Parapets
  • And more

Even if everything else seems fine, avoiding cracked stone repair for too long can lead to serious issues. Any cracks or crumbling stones you notice likely aren’t isolated issues. They’re indicators that there’s something wrong that will only get worse the longer you go without taking care of it.


How to Spot Problems in Your Stonework


There are a number of early warning signs that could be trying to tell you there’s an issue with your stonework. It’s best to walk around your property at least twice a year to look for them, specifically in the early spring and late fall. Look for any cracks that may appear in the stone masonry or in the stones themselves. Any stones that appear to be loose, bulging out of place, or falling out should be noted, as well.

Stone repair performed by our talented experts will ensure that these issues will be dealt with before they have an opportunity to develop into bigger headaches for you. Whether you need stone wall repair to fix crumbling stones or help replacing mortar on your chimney, we know what it takes to protect your stonework from problems in the future. We can seal it against water seepage, replace stones for greater structural stability, and more.


Why Choose CTC Masonry?


Our expertise, wide range of services and commitment to exceptional customer service make us the best source for repairing stone masonry in Chicago. We serve homeowners and businesses throughout the city and surrounding suburbs, so get in touch with us today to receive a free estimate for your project.



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