Difference Between Concrete and Mortar

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Often times during masonry project estimates, we realize clients mix up and do not know the difference between concrete and mortar. What is the difference between concrete and mortar? Although both are strong building materials, concrete is a stronger and more structural material, whereas, mortar is more of a bonding element. Let’s compare the difference between concrete and mortar below.


Difference Between Concrete and Mortar



Mortar is a thick mixture of cement, water, and sand commonly used to bond bricks and other masonry blocks. Additionally it is used as a plastering agent, often over deteriorating bricks or concrete. Mortar is less durable than concrete, however, because of its thickness, it is easily moldable and has early strength for laying brick. Although less durable, it is still very durable. Other note, the water to cement ratio is higher in mortar, allowing it to be more glue like when used as a masonry adhesive like brick or concrete blocks.

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Concrete - concrete v mortarConcrete

Concrete is mixture of cement, water, sand and broken chippings of stone and rocks. The low water to cement ratio does not allow it to be a good bonding material as it strengthens slower but becomes stronger than mortar. Another difference between concrete and mortar is that concrete has a much longer life span than the estimated required replacement of mortar every 25-50 years. Because of this and its cost effectiveness compared to other structural pieces, it is used as a structural material support like beams and foundations.

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