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Glass Block Replacement

Damaged Glass Block Window


Glass blocks were at one time a popular building material to create windows, interior walls and other architectural elements. These typically were square blocks made from glass that featured rippled surfaces for privacy.

A glass block window is generally composed of multiple blocks held together with mortar. Over time, a variety of external factors can cause the glass to break, get scratched, or develop cracks. When one glass block in a window is damaged, the rest of the blocks may soon follow.

This is because the entire window suffers from a lack of support that eventually leads to cracks in other blocks due to the uneven weight distribution. If your property’s glass block windows have suffered damage, Coast to Coast Masonry is here to provide glass block replacement in Chicago.

Good News!


Homeowners do not need to remove the entire window in order to make repairs. If caught in time, the damaged blocks can be replaced with new ones. CTC’s repair services make any glass block window screen replacement project easy. Just like replacing a brick, we chip the old mortar out, set a new block in place, and refill the gaps with fresh mortar. Our expertise in glass block window replacement means we will be able to remove the damaged blocks without risk of breaking or chipping the blocks around them.

If your glass block window looks out of shape, contact CTC Masonry today for glass block replacement in Chicago — we would be happy to take a look! Unmaintained windows may lead to leakage, further deterioration, and extensive damage. We do not want that to happen for your home or business. For over 20 years, our local experts have been providing superior glass block replacement in the Chicago area. Contact us today and get a FREE estimate on your new panel or window!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Block Windows


Although glass block windows can lend some unique aesthetics to your home, they also come with a number of disadvantages. If you’re considering getting rid of your glass block windows, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

For example, they offer more privacy compared to a traditional window and greater energy efficiency due to their thickness. On the other hand, they cannot be opened for fresh air and require additional structural support to account for their extra weight. If you’re in love with your glass blocks and don’t want to lose them to damage, give CtC a call for expert glass block screen replacement services.

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