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Masonry Waterproofing

Waterproofing as a Preventative Solution!

CTC Masonry offers masonry waterproofing services to clients in the Chicagoland area. Our brick waterproofing is a preventative solution to stop leaks before they happen. Chicago is known for its unpredictable weather; it is important for you to prepare by properly waterproofing your home’s masonry.

Unsealed brick absorbs water, which can weaken your home’s brickwork and mortar. Our brick waterproofing services improve your home’s value by extending the life of your brickwork and beautifying its appearance. Contact CTC today for an estimate and tips on masonry waterproofing for your Chicago home.

Why Choose Waterproofing? 

Exterior masonry walls are porous and can absorb moisture from humidity, rainfall, and other means. When water penetrates masonry, it causes numerous problems. Lingering dampness creates mold growth that may eventually make its way to internal walls, causing health concerns for everyone inside.

Moisture can also lead to structural damage, particularly in regions that experience freeze-thaw cycles, such as Chicago and the entire Midwest. The water expands when it freezes and contracts when it thaws, creating cracks and weakening the structure’s integrity. Our expert commercial and residential waterproofing service seals the bricks to prevent the many problems moisture can cause.

Signs It’s Time to Waterproof Your Masonry

It may not be obvious that your exterior masonry needs waterproofing. However, there are a few signs of dampness that mean it’s time to call our waterproofing experts.

  • Mold growth or a musty smell inside
  • Visible damage to the mortar, caulking, or bricks
  • Visible water stains or moisture penetration 
  • Residents experience health problems associated with mold
  • Damaged or moist interior walls

The issues caused by moisture penetrating your masonry and becoming trapped inside can be harmful to your health and the building’s structure. CTC Masonry offers the most effective masonry waterproofing in Chicago. Contact us when you notice the first signs of dampness to prevent further structural and health concerns.



Removing efflorescence deposits on masonry walls…

Efflorescence is a fancy name for the white, crystalline deposits that can appear on masonry walls. These deposits occur when moisture within the brickwork rises to the surface, carrying minerals with it. While the moisture evaporates, the pesky minerals are left behind.

To some, these minerals are not appealing. In severe cases, efflorescence can become so thick that it falls off the wall and is piled on the ledge in clumps. If this substance appears on your brick or stone, contact CTC Masonry to prevent further damage.

Residential and commercial waterproofing should always be performed by a professional waterproofing company. The process requires an initial professional inspection to identify leaks, damaged bricks, cracks, and other issues. Our experts will remove any efflorescence, mold, or water stains before waterproofing. Finally, we’ll apply the best sealant for your specific masonry.

Our waterproofing solutions protect your structure from moisture penetration for years to come while also preventing issues like efflorescence from recurring. As the most trusted option for masonry waterproofing in Chicago, CTC ensures the job is done right the first time.  

Efflorescence may be a sign that your masonry is absorbing water. Our masonry waterproofing services can help!

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