What Does a Chimney Sweep Do?

chimney sweep - metal liner

If you like to drive your car a lot, you understand the necessary oil changes, tire rotations, and other services needed for a longevity and durability. If you like to cook a lot, you understand the necessary preparation and cleanup, to ultimately have longer lasting materials and for the safety of your own health. All things above are similar to your fireplace and chimney, where maintenance is vital if you like to use your fireplace a lot. Maintenance of your fireplace includes using properly seasoned wood, yearly inspections, and the use of a chimney sweep service.


What Does a Chimney Sweep Do?


Chimney Sweep Service

What does a chimney sweep do? A chimney sweep service of your chimney starts by cleaning the chimney liner, checking connections such as the liner connection to the smoke chamber, and inspecting conditions of parts like the firebox. The whole process which we detail below on a chimney sweep service takes roughly 45 minutes to 75 minutes and the length usually depends on the severity of the condition. Level 1 creosote is essentially soft brushable soot that is easily swept away. Level 2 creosote is flakier black chunks and may not be easily swept. This would then require the use of stronger rotary tools and potentially a chemical clean. Level 3 creosote can really be a nail biter. In many occasions, even the toughest cleans are completely ineffective and an expensive reline is necessary.

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camera inspection - cracked linerSweeping Step by Step

To sum up the chimney sweep service, the chimney sweep will first protect the area surrounding the fireplace with cloth. Next, the high powered vacuum is powered on and positioned properly inside the fireplace. A bucket is than placed under the liner to catch and debris and heavier soot/creosote. The chimney sweep service then proceeds with the rotary cleaning up and down the chimney thoroughly. Upon completion, the liner is ready for inspection with a camera. The chimney sweep looks for cracks, voids, and connection on clay liners. On stainless steel liners, rusting and connection points are a bigger concern. That would sum up the process, which is completed with an inspection report!

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