How Long Does Chimney Flashing Last?

You are buying a house or need repairs on your current home and you are simply concerned about the condition of your current chimney flashing. One important question to understand is –  How long should new chimney flashing last? To answer this question, we must look at what makes up flashing. The two main components … Read more

Chimney Flashing Installation Guide

Chimneys can be great additions to your house. They can also be a living hell financially if not built right or maintained. A very routine part of chimney inspections includes looking at chimney flashing. This is often a main culprit for chimney leaks into a house. Below, we will talk about the step by step … Read more

Common Chimney Flashing Issues

A chimney in a house has the potential to cause many unwanted issues like leaks, unwanted smells, and financial burdens. A chimney in a house also has the potential to be a properly working vent for family time around the fireplace or a hot bath after a day in the cold (water heater vented to … Read more

Is a Chimney Rebuild Necessary?

The important question – is a chimney rebuild necessary or are these chimney companies trying to take advantage of me? At Coast to Coast Masonry, we recommend chimney rebuilds or partial rebuilds to our clients when it comes to one important factor – when the value is in a rebuild. This means small touch-up work, … Read more

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