Pros and Cons of Brick

Brick house - pros and cons of brick

Are you building a new home or looking to change the exterior of your house? Here we will go over the pros of brick  versus the cons of brick if that is an option you are considering.


Pros and Cons of Brick


Pros of Brick

LOW MAINTENANCE The first part of pros and cons of bricks looks at the maintenance factor. Brick, for the most part, is a headache saving building material. One of the pros of brick is how it holds up compared to its competition, vinyl and wood. Brick is not going be damaged easily, begin to rot, and has 2-4x the physical lifespan of the two. ECO FRIENDLY Another one of the pros of brick, is its environmental friendliness. Being made of clay and shale, it is one of the most common naturals products of mother earth and even after an extended use, it can be cleaned, reused, and repurposed. TEMPERATURE/NOISE CONTROL An end to this short list of pros of brick, although many more exist, is the temperate and noise resistance/control of brick. It takes a lot to “break through a brick wall” and this is no difference with noise or cold air trying to get into a warm house with brick.

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Foundation crack - brick issueCons of Brick

COST Now to the negative of the pros and cons of brick. At up to $12 per square foot, brick is roughly 3-5x the cost of vinyl siding on a house. This factors in cost of time and material. FOUNDATION EFFECTS One downside with brick is the solidness of its structure. For brick and mortar to stay solid, it does rely on a consistent and level foundation. When a foundation settles or moves., the overlying brick and mortar is suspect to weaken and visually crack.

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