Are Chimney Caps Necessary? Part 1

Chimney caps, like the hood of a car, protect the expensive hardware below. Chimney caps offer great benefits and can save you a lot of money, simply by protecting a vulnerable part of a chimney, your flue liner. Think about it this way… would you keep your windows open 24/7? No. Why is this? You … Read more

How to Pour a Concrete Crown

Are you planning on having a chimney crown rebuild? In this article, we will go over the step by step process on how a professional pours a concrete crown. Although the end product visually is just a big gray block, there is so much more that goes into pouring and producing a long-lasting chimney crown … Read more

Cracked Chimney Crown

Cracked Chimney Crown   The big block of concrete on top of your chimney is often referred to as a crown or cap. Although such a simple part of your chimney, a crown actually plays a vital role in the whole chimney integrity! A cracked chimney crown does a poor job protecting ANYTHING and EVERYTHING … Read more

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