Sizing a Fireplace Liner

sizing a fireplace liner - chimney liner

To begin properly sizing a fireplace liner, you first measure the fireplace opening width and height. The proper term is firebox opening. Note: the measurements need to only include the actual opening, not any obstructions. To clear this up, think of a phone where if you measure the screen size and phone size they will differ. The second aspect that must be measured when sizing a fireplace liner is the liner height. Note: this is ONLY the height of the liner and does not include an extra distance in the smoke chamber, firebox or fireplace opening, or height added with a chimney cap. Once these measurements are finalized the numbers can be put into a fireplace sizing guide calculator. Our choice of the calculator is


Fireplace Liner Sizing Process


Fireplace Measurements

Let us do a test run on sizing a liner. We measured our firebox or fireplace opening by inches to the dimensions of 35” wide and 25” high. Additionally, we accurately measured the liner height by feet to the height of 25’. These numbers are then plugged into our liner calculator that is linked above. These numbers will generate the required square inch area of the liner opening that is required and simplified by what diameter your liner should be.

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liner measurments - fireplace liner diameterLiner Sizing

We are at our last step! The calculation came out to a required 72.916 square inch opening which simplified on a round liner is 10” in diameter. With these three steps/measurements we are able to safely and accurately assess the proper fireplace liner size. This is important for a safe fire burning to avoid any backdraft and other ventilation issues.

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