Fireplace Draft Problems – Shared Chimneys

Fireplace draft problems are nothing to play around with. The danger of carbon monoxide, tasteless and odorless, is present with fireplaces and can be fatal. Side note – a carbon monoxide detector near your fireplace is a great idea! A fireplace should be build to code, but with regular wear and tear, improper repairs, or … Read more

Reoccuring Cracks in Brick/Mortar

Brick, stone, mortar, etc… you drive by it every day – some of it is brand new, while other buildings are almost 100 years old. The question then comes… why is this 100 year old brick house still standing and my bricks and mortar are cracking, chipping, or spalling 1 year after I had them … Read more

Constructing Proper Stone Stairs, Stone Walkways

Stone stairs and stone walkways, a beautiful site at first, and a nightmare to look at two years down the road. What went wrong? Is there something that could have kept your stone stairs or stone walkways from caving in, cracking, moving, or simply loosening up? The answer is yes. It starts with a proper … Read more

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