Chimney Veneer Brick Installation

Some houses are built and dressed in siding panels or other decorative finishes, asides from the classic brick or stone look. Most houses are built with chimneys. There comes an aging and unpleasant look to siding panels overtime and you may be intrigued to adding a masonry finish to the house. One common starting place … Read more

Chimney Shoulder Flashing

Water or moisture is the silent killer of masonry chimneys. A properly built chimney combats water perfectly and an aspect that is often overlooked is the chimney shoulder flashing. The shoulder although pitched still absorbs water and the water can run through the shoulder and into the chimney, slowly cracking up bricks with freeze and … Read more

Waterproofing a Chimney

The brand new ‘iPhone 100x Lite’ is released and after an eager 12 hours of waiting outside the fruit store, the phone is cradled in your hands like a newborn child. Like a newborn child is clothed, your brand new iPhone is dressed with a new case sporting your favorite shade of blue. Why did … Read more

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