Waterproofing a Brick Foundation

Leaks in your basement and in need of waterproofing a brick foundation? In older cities, like Chicago or Philadelphia, many houses are built with a brick foundation instead of a concrete foundation. With this type of foundation there is often less structural integrity and foundations cracks, leading to water intrusion, often occur. Below we will … Read more

Replacing Bricks

Bricks can go through a lot of stress, however, like all things, they do have a breaking point. Overstressed bricks can have multiple outcomes. Some of these include spalling bricks, cracked bricks, chipped bricks, and more. The result is that the brick needs to be replaced. Replacing bricks is a rather simple project, however, the … Read more

Clean Fireplace Ashes

Step back for a second and ask… Is it even necessary to remove fireplace ashes? The answer may surprise you – yes and no. Seasonally yes, it is very important to clean up your ashes. Additionally, if your ash buildup is too high than it is important to remove fireplace ashes, however, it is actually … Read more

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