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Coast to Coast Masonry is the best place to turn when you need comprehensive masonry services in Chicago. When your property needs help for crumbling brick or worn-out stone, our masonry solutions will restore your home or commercial building to its original look and ensure it remains structurally sound for a long time to come.

    • Tuck-pointing: We can restore cracked or loose mortar to improve the appearance of your brickwork and prevent further damage to the building. Our expert masonry work in Chicago includes this complex and specialized process.


    • Chimney repairs and rebuilding: Our residential masonry work can repair and restore a chimney that’s showing signs of wear and tear. Whether your chimney needs some minor work or a complete rebuild, we can take care of it for you.


    • Chimney relining: Keep your chimney and home protected from gases, fire, and corrosion with our complete services. Relining your chimney helps prevent the risk of significant damage to your property.


    • Brick and stone repairs: We take pride in our ability to restore and repair brick and stone down to the smallest detail. From chimneys to mailboxes to walls, we have the ability to handle it all.


    • CMU Block repairs: Concrete blocks are exceptionally durable, but not even these will last forever. Fortunately, our masonry services in Chicago include expert repair work for concrete block.


    • Caulking: Sealing your maintenance joints is crucial for protecting your property. With our expertise, you can be sure we’ll choose the right caulk for you to ensure the best results.


    • Lintel replacement and restoration: Any damage or rusting to the lintel above your doors or windows can lead to further stress on your masonry. Our masonry services can replace or repair this element so you can rest easier.


    • Glass block replacing and installation: Glass blocks can be a great addition to the look of your home, and our experts have all the necessary experience and know-how to help you get the most from these materials.


    • Parapet walls rebuild and repair: Whether yours is functional or just for aesthetics, keeping the parapet wall around your roofline is important for protecting your investment. We bring all the tools and talent needed to ensure your parapet wall remains in good condition.


    • All types of masonry needs

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