What is Masonry?

Masonry is a skilled trade in the construction or restoration of masonry units (brick, stone, glass block, concrete blocks, etc). At Coast to Coast Masonry, we see it a step further. So really – what is masonry? We believe masonry work is art.  It is an art and skill that requires patience throughout the labor … Read more

About Us

Coast to Coast Masonry (CTC), is proud to serve quality tuck-pointing, brick repair, and all other masonry needs for over 26 years. CTC Masonry was founded in 1994 by Mr. Stanley Zuber and Mr. Romen Zajac, both who still work full time within the company. Their long commitment has resulted in consistent masonry work, as … Read more

How Often Should I Sweep My Chimney?

The car you drive, the sink you use, and the fireplace you warm up by all have a similarity. These are all serviceable items, meaning maintenance is important. Clearing up this first point, YES you should have your chimney swept, just like your car should have its oil changed and your sinks plumbing cleaned up. … Read more

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