Sizing a Fireplace Liner

To begin properly sizing a fireplace liner, you first measure the fireplace opening width and height. The proper term is firebox opening. Note: the measurements need to only include the actual opening, not any obstructions. To clear this up, think of a phone where if you measure the screen size and phone size they will … Read more

5 Common Chimney Problems

1, Chimney Crowns Common chimney crown problems include cracking and chipping. This issues will commonly arise in improperly constructed chimney crowns. Key aspects to a properly poured chimney crown include flashing between concrete and brick, expansion joint between concrete and liner, proper overhang, and proper slope. 2, Chimney Counter Flashing Chimney counter flashing is rather … Read more

Chimney Inspection Safety

An auto technician will take safety precautions when working on a vehicle. An electrician will make sure he will not get shocked during their work or inspections. Like all other jobs, chimney  inspectors will also take precautions during their examinations. Two of the most dangerous and important aspects to their inspections include proper ladder set … Read more

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