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Expert Masonry Contractors In Chicago

Building with masonry is one of the strongest methods because it involves joining pieces of stone, brick, or other masonry material together with mortar. However, time and the elements can take their toll even on these materials. At Coast to Coast Masonry Group (CTC), we repair, restore, protect, and preserve masonry. Whether it is a crumbling chimney, a broken glass block window, or parapet wall our expert masonry company is here to help. We use the latest masonry technology and techniques to restore brick and protect your home. As the leading masonry contractors in Chicago, we’re on-call for residential and commercial projects of all sizes in the city and surrounding suburbs. There’s no type of job our masonry contractors can’t handle.

Debbie M. (Northbrook, IL)

I have done a lot of tuckpointing and repairs on my old limestone home, but have never had any company as wonderful as Coast to Coast. They were on time, matched the mortar perfectly, cleaned up, were professional and polite!!! They were even kind enough to do some work outside of their estimate. I will never use anyone else. Thank you Romen for a great job.

David I. (Chicago, IL)

These guys are absolutely AWESOME. I called for initial estimate, and within just 11 days - yes, only 11 days - my work was already completed! Blown away by the quality, the punctuality - and especially the efforts the crew went through for clean-up. They are my new go to company for masonry work - will not even call anyone else for a second opinion.

Dennis F. (Frankfort, IL)

Roman inspired our confidence from the beginning. His crew showed up as scheduled, set up their scaffolding and were at work within minutes. The job took the amount of time that was estimated and the results were better than we had hoped for! Highly recommended.

Ross M. (Waukegan, IL)

As a retired professional consultant to the construction industry with expertise in masonry construction, I was very positively impressed—a rare experience in my professional life. I recommend them.

Arnold F. (Deerfield, IL)

Perfect respone. Perfect Quote. Perfect repair. Amazing.


Proudly Serving Chicagoland

The team at CTC Masonry acknowledges that the needs of our masonry clients vary, which is why we take pride in offering a wide variety of high quality masonry products and brick services to fulfill them.

Services provided by our commercial and residential masonry contractors include tuck-pointing, chimney repairs, chimney rebuilding, brick repairs, concrete block repair, and all other masonry needs in the Chicagoland area and all surrounding suburbs. We aim to provide exceptional masonry, brick, and tuck-pointing services that exceed our masonry client’s expectations in the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs.

Our mission is to aim to continue being a leader of our masonry, tuck-pointing and brick/stone craft in the Chicagoland area by investing in the right masonry tools and skilled masonry personnel; we do not sub our work to subcontractors.


ALL of our estimates are completed by the founders of the company Romen Zajac and Stanley Zuber. Quality is our promise. At CTC Masonry, serving Chicagoland and surrounding suburbs, we promise direct communication between the masonry client and our residential masonry contractors from the first inspection to the completion of the masonry project.

Services at CTC Masonry 

The team at CTC Masonry acknowledges the fact that client needs vary. We take pride in offering a wide variety of premium products and masonry repair services to fulfill each of these needs. Some of the services we provide to our clients in Chicago, Illinois, and all surrounding suburbs include:

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We Get the Job Done Right!

At CTC Masonry, we aim to provide exceptional masonry services that exceed expectations. Our mission is to continue as a leader in brick, stone, and concrete repair and restoration in the Chicagoland area. We invest in the proper tools and expertise to get the job done right: we do not sub our work to subcontractors.

ALL of our estimates are completed by the founders of the company, Romen Zajac and Stanley Zuber. Quality is our promise. At CTC Masonry, we promise direct communication between our Chicagoland client and contractor from the first inspection to the project’s completion.

We strive to serve you with the finest customer service available. Since experience counts, you can trust that we will get the job done right the first time. All of our masonry repair solutions are designed to fit both your budget and schedule.

Through referrals and direct experience, CTC Masonry customers have come to know that we honor our commitments and deliver beautiful tuck-pointing, caulking, and brick, stone, and concrete results. We pledge to make your masonry project exceptional regardless of its scale or complexity.

We understand that our customers have a lot of choices in the tuck-pointing and masonry marketplace. That is why we strive, each and every day, to maintain an appreciation of our client’s choice by taking the extra step to do the unexpected and make a lasting impression on a job-by-job basis. That is why we are one of the most successful masonry contractors in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.


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Contact us, your residential and commercial masonry contractors today for a FREE estimate on all of your masonry needs. Our friendly operators are available to answer any questions you may have about CTC Masonry, our service locations, or your ideas for your project. We have more than 20 years of experience in professionally handling our projects, and we want to make your home feel special. Feel free to fill out our quick and easy contact form with a detailed description of what you need, and we will get right back to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I replace my damaged brick?
Crumbling or broken bricks around your property are more than an eyesore. They also could lead to serious structural problems. They also present a risk of injury or damage by falling off your building. This is why if you notice any damaged bricks, you should call our masonry experts to take care of them before they lead to worse issues.

What does the tuckpointing process entail?
Tuckpointing is the process of removing and replacing old mortar that has become weakened by age or other underlying issues. This is typically something that should only be handled by experienced commercial or residential masonry contractors, given the complex and delicate nature of the work.

How will I know if I need help with my masonry?
If you notice any cracks, missing pieces, or crumbling mortar around your property, you should call our residential and commercial masonry contractors as soon as possible. Bricks that are cracked or seem to be flaking are another indicator that your masonry needs to be serviced.

Do I need a chimney cap?
Having a chimney cap prevents animals from climbing into your chimney. It also protects the interior from being damaged by rain. If you want to have a cap installed, give us, your residential and commercial masonry contractors a call today.

What are the main problems with masonry construction?
Some of the most common issues we see include bricks that are falling apart, mortar that is crumbling, mold growth, and limestone erosion. No matter what your problem is, we are the top masonry contractors in Chicago to take care of it.

What is the most common cause of damage to masonry?
Without a doubt, exposure to moisture is the biggest source of trouble when it comes to masonry. Stone, concrete, and brick are porous, meaning water can get inside and cause issues when it freezes or allows mold to grow.

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