Chimney Inspection Safety

chimney inspection - ladder safety

An auto technician will take safety precautions when working on a vehicle. An electrician will make sure he will not get shocked during their work or inspections. Like all other jobs, chimney  inspectors will also take precautions during their examinations. Two of the most dangerous and important aspects to their inspections include proper ladder set up procedures and understanding the roofs they may need to walk on. Below we will highlight important ladder safety and roof safety.


Chimney Inspection Safety


Ladder Safety

Most chimney issues can be inspected from the top of the chimney, with clear sight on the chimney crown, good visibility of the chimney liners, and sight of the brick that can’t be seen clearly from the ground. To gain access to the top of the chimney, a ladder is generally always required. One rule of ladder safety is during ascension and descension, the climber should always be facing the ladder and have at least one hand on grip. Never should you go down a ladder like walking down a staircase. During a climb for proper ladder safety, the ladder should not be moved, shifted, or extended. One last note of ladder safety is to never use the top ladder ring as a step as this could shift the center of gravity and cause the bottom of the ladder pivot or even slide.

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roof safety - chimney workRoof Safety

Sometimes access to a chimney is simpler and safer in a two point access. The first point in the ladder safety is the ladder which needs to be mounted safely and the second is the roof where proper roof safety should be considered. The first point of roof safety is wearing proper foot wear. Friction is your friend and for roof safety when walking, a textured shoe on a textured shingle is the most ideal situation. The second important consideration is the roof type. A textured shingle is much safer to walk on than a cedar roof which is fairly smooth. Last with roof safety it is important to walk on roofs during good weather conditions. Rain, frost, black ice, or other moisture can lead to a quick fall.

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