Is My Chimney Leaking?

Coming home from a long day at work you creak your front door open, kick off your shoes, and jump on your living room couch to watch some TV. Two feet from your TV, you finally notice dried water stains on your drywall. You notice this leak aligns with your chimney, but the chimney looks … Read more

Proper Chimney Crown Design Characteristics

Chimney crowns look so simple. However, being around for centuries they have evolved to become fine works of engineering, that if constructed properly, can survive decades and still be efficient. In this article we cover some very important characteristics of chimney crowns. Proper Chimney Crown Design Characteristics Slope: A concrete chimney crown should have a … Read more

Are Chimney Caps Necessary? Part 2

Chimney caps are like a swiss army knife. In our part 1 article on chimney caps, we highlighted the benefits they provide in preventing rain/water damage, as well as, keeping animals out of your chimney. Part 2 below, highlights how chimney caps can prevent backwards draft into your house and even prevent potential fires! Chimney … Read more

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