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Chimney Repair And Restoration In Chicago

Chimney Repair And Restoration In Chicago

Proper chimney maintenance is crucial. With upkeep and proper chimney repair you can prevent a more costly chimney rebuild. Crumbling mortar, water infiltration, frequent use, exposure to the elements, and a lack of preventative maintenance can lead to serious chimney damage or require a complete chimney rebuild. At CTC Masonry Group, we offer expert services for chimney restoration and chimney repair in Chicago that help your fireplace look great and run longer.

Our chimney repair services include:


Chimney repair process

When a chimney has deteriorated to the point where a simple chimney repair is no longer viable, a chimney rebuild may be necessary. Facing this obstacle doesn’t have to be scary – our expert chimney rebuilders are here to help.

During a rebuild, we typically erect scaffolding to gain access to the top of the chimney. Once the area is safely cleared, we begin the removal process. Demolition is completed by carefully and expertly saw-cutting the concrete chimney crown and masonry brick sections. Upon reaching an appropriate level, we internally inspect the chimney.

After we gain your approval with new bricks and carefully matched Type N mortar, the chimney rebuild process begins. The new brick and mortar are lifted into place and we begin to lay the brick. All of our masonry work is built level, plumb, and square. The mortar is carefully smoothed using hand tools to create your choice of a variety of finishes. After we complete these steps, the chimney crown is installed. We use either a reinforced cement chimney crown or a precast one-piece crown.

The lifespan of a chimney largely depends on climate, usage, construction, and maintenance. When problems become apparent, it is often too late for simple chimney repair services. This is why regular maintenance, including a waterproofing plan, is necessary to maximize your chimney’s life span.                                                                      

Some of the common chimney services we provide are:


  • Partial chimney rebuild: Conducted for small chimneys with no scaffolding or top sections and for large chimneys with the addition of a new crown.
  • Roof line up chimney rebuild: Conducted when significant mortar and/or brick deterioration has set in beyond the ability of a tuck-pointing repair. The chimney is torn down to the area of the flashing by the roofline, and then the top of the chimney is rebuilt and a new crown is added.
  • Total chimney rebuild: Conducted when the chimney is leaning, severe mortar deterioration has occurred, severe brick spalling has set in from the ground up and so forth. The outer brick layer of the chimney is torn down and a new crown is added. In most cases the firebox, hearth, and smoke chamber must be repaired as well.
  • Chimney repair: As an experienced chimney repair company, we can perform minor repairs to keep your chimney from falling apart. This can save you from having to go all-in on a full rebuild.

Contact us at CTC Masonry today to discuss the best options for your chimney repair in Chicago. We proudly serve the Chicagoland area and all surrounding areas.



Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need a chimney liner?
Installing a metal chimney liner protects the chimney structure from corrosion and damage caused by extreme heat, gases, and moisture. It also aids in the prevention of soot build-up
that can lead to bigger problems down the road.

Why do chimneys leak sometimes?
The main causes of chimney leaks are rooted in chimney crown cracks, improper liners, and chimney flashing issues. We offer a number of chimney repair options that can resolve these issues and stop leaks.

When is the best time of year for chimney repair?
Generally speaking, it’s best to schedule any repair work outside of the winter season. Spring, summer, and fall weather is all good for chimney work. This is because weather above freezing temperatures will allow proper curing of concrete, mortar, etc.

How often should my chimney be inspected?
It’s recommended that you have your chimney inspected by our experienced professionals at least once a year.

What causes spalling in brick chimneys?
Moisture that gets into the nooks and crannies of brickwork can freeze and thaw, eventually
causing damage to the bricks. This can lead to bricks crumbling, cracking, or falling out of your
chimney. The root of the cracks in brick and mortar that leads to the need of chimney repair can be improper construction, liner issues, or simple aging.


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