How To Install a Chimney Liner

There is always some plumbing, landscaping, and even masonry jobs can become a simple DIY project. Unfortunately, when it comes to installing a fireplace liner, this may be out of reach. Such a job can be a full 1-2 day project for a crew size of three experienced workers. Some of the aspects that make … Read more

Stainless Steel Liner Benefits

Have you had your chimney inspected and been told that it needs to be relined? You probably heard the price to move forward with a chimney reline and thought to yourself, is this a good investment? The answer is yes! In this article we will go over why a stainless steel liner is the most … Read more

Chimney Crown Reinforcement Steel

You have realized your chimney crown is cracked. There can be a mountain of information that goes into giving you a reason for why it happened and in this article we will go over steel reinforcement. First off, what is the main weakness of concrete deterioration? The answer is tension. Tension in concrete will lead … Read more

Is Crown Coat Reliable?

Your chimney crown is the concrete slab on top of the chimney. As a responsible homeowner, you get your chimney clean and inspected annually and upon review, you are told your chimney crown needs repair. Depending on the extent of damage, there are two routes that are generally recommended and both hold different price points. … Read more

How To Make My Chimney Last Longer

What is a great way to destroy the PC I am typing this article up in my office? I can open the case that protects the hardware including the motherboard, intel chip, graphics card, and more and leaves it open outside to the elements. Rain, wind, and dust will immediately take its toll. However, I … Read more

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