Common Chimney Flashing Issues

Rusted Chimney Flashing - Chicago chimney repair

A chimney in a house has the potential to cause many unwanted issues like leaks, unwanted smells, and financial burdens. A chimney in a house also has the potential to be a properly working vent for family time around the fireplace or a hot bath after a day in the cold (water heater vented to the chimney.) Chimneys should be convenient and will be if maintained properly. One part of your chimney that should be maintained is the chimney flashing. This is a water runoff system built between the roof and chimney and plays a vital role to protect your house from water damage.

Masonry chimneys are the most common type of chimney to have chimney flashing issues. Why? It is a rather detailed process to install a proper chimney flashing system. Three main points of proper chimney flashing on a masonry chimney ‘include built to move’, ‘installed bottom to top’, and ‘proper securement of pieces’. Regardless, even if all pieces are in place properly, time itself does deteriorate all things. Here we will highlight two easily visible signs that your flashing needs maintenance or repair work.

What Chimney Flashing is Inspected For…



Imagine your car with a rusted roof. The first year may prove no issue. Ten years down the road you should have had it fixed but instead, you do nothing. Now when it rains your sedan has become convertible-like by letting rain all over your interior. This is exactly like the chimney flashing. If it is rusting, it should be restored and painted early on to extend its life. If it is left alone, you will have damage to more than the chimney flashing itself as water will drain through the interior house walls.

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missing caulking chimney - chimney caulking

Missing Caulk, Cracked Caulk

Back to the car analogy… Imagine your automotive weather stripping (the rubber seal around doors and more) missing. Identically to a fully rusted roof, whenever there is some sort of precipitation, it will get through these openings. It may not be easy to get on a roof to see this up close. Lookup a local chimney/masonry company and have it inspected yearly! That is our recommendation.

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