Chimney Flashing Installation Guide

Base flashing installation - Chicago chimney

Chimneys can be great additions to your house. They can also be a living hell financially if not built right or maintained. A very routine part of chimney inspections includes looking at chimney flashing. This is often a main culprit for chimney leaks into a house.

Below, we will talk about the step by step chimney flashing installation to show how to have it done right when installing new chimney flashing.

Chimney Flashing Guide


Surface Preparation – Chimney Flashing

As one would disinfect a wound before putting on a bandage, we should also clean the chimney base before proceeding. What to expect? There can be old caulking, excess mortar, nails, and more that should be scraped off. At the most basic tools, a hammer and chisel would be sufficient.

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chimney saddle - chicago chimney flashing

Chimney Flashing Installation Process

This process is rather simple but detail-oriented. Installing bottom to top and proper nail placement are two important details. The first step is the installation of the base flashing or apron. This apron, which should hang at least 4” down the roof, should only be nailed where a roof shingle will cover and towards the top of the half that is in contact with chimney. Similar to the base flashing, the step flashing should be nailed at nonoverlapping parts that will be covered by roof shingles. This order proceeds from the bottom working to the top. A minimum of 3” should be projected from the chimney/roof intersection out towards the roof. Finally, the installation of the head flashing. Flashing like the base flashing can be installed here, extending past both ends of the chimney. A saddle should be installed under the circumstance that the chimney is 30” or wider. The final installation piece is the chimney counter flashing. This is installed into the chimney and as whole pieces, unlike step flashing. This is used as the first layer of protection like a roof to the gutters.

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