How Long Does Chimney Flashing Last?

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You are buying a house or need repairs on your current home and you are simply concerned about the condition of your current chimney flashing. One important question to understand is –  How long should new chimney flashing last? To answer this question, we must look at what makes up flashing. The two main components are the flashing material itself and the seal, which is generally caulk. These being the two ingredients, we will analyze how long each material should last itself and how the lifespan of each comes together.

Chimney Flashing Lifespan


Flashing Material

From longest lasting to shortest, the material order is red metals (copper, brass, bronze), stainless steel, aluminum, and then galvanized metals. Red metals, the most expensive and heavy, could last 100s to 1000s of years although they may change color – think Statue of Liberty. Stainless steel, probably the best mix of durability and cost effectiveness can last 100s of years. Aluminum flashing has a predicted lifespan of 15-20 years and the other partner at the bottom of the barrel is galvanized metals which has a rating up 15 years.

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Caulking Material

For outdoor use, the main two caulking sealants are silicone and polyurethane. If metal to metal is being caulked silicone is preferred, however, if metal to any porous material (brick, concrete, wood) is being sealed than polyurethane should be used. What lifespan can we expect out of the polyurethane caulking used for chimney flashing? About 20-30 years.

Chimney Flashing Lifespan

The verdict: Chimney flashing lifespan depends on the materials chosen for the job. If choosing lower grade flashing material, you may expect to have your flashing replaced every 15 years or even less! If spending an extra dollar for higher grade material, you can expect the only need of repairs at the caulking every 20-30 years. The investment into higher grade flashing material makes sense for two reasons – higher upfront cost but more savings long term and better chance of passing home inspections when the time comes to sell.

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