Chimney Liner Options

chimney liner options - stainless steel

When looking at your chimney liner options, there are three main routes to go.  Clay flue stacks and stainless steel liners are the two most popular options. The clay options is often done by home builders as it is a cost effective route to go. The stainless steel options are usually done in place of the clay stacks in repair work done on a house. A cast-in-place chimney liner is the last and least common. We will go over clay flue stacks and stainless steel liners in this comparison of your chimney liner options.


Chimney Liner Options


Clay Flue

Clay flue stacks are typically two feet long and stacked up all the way to the top of your chimney. If set properly, these should last a very long time and that is really the main positive out of these. Chances are, they were not installed properly. A few issues we run into during chimney inspections are usually all related to the mortar application at every two feet interval. Either the mortar used was not the recommended refractory mortar, therefore, falling apart, or it was applied sloppy and there is weeping mortar on the inside of the clay stacks. This present a major issue as creosote can easily build up here as it is creating a detour for the draft of smoke.

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chimney liner - clay flue

Stainless Steel Liner

Stainless steel is the best of these two chimney liner options. First, speaking physics a vortex of smoke funnels easier through a round stainless steel liner than a square liner like the clay fireplace stacks. Second, being a one piece object, there is no room for smoke to escape, damaging the brick and mortar of the chimney. Additionally, when your chimney is being cleaned, the round liner will be cleaned more perfectly and corners wont be missed.

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