Inner Damaged Chimney Inspection

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Water is leaking into your house, a smokey smell lingers after every fire, cold air drafts into your house… All these can be either caused by or effects of an inner damaged chimney. Like an accountant trying to fix an engine or a doctor trying to patch his roof, you look up your chimney and have no idea what the hell you’re doing or looking for. From there, you call Coast to Coast Masonry to inspect your chimney at no cost. Just like you used your phone flashlight to look up your chimney, we may do the same. You had no idea what you were looking at, but we truthfully can have an answer in seconds. So what do we look for in a damaged chimney?


Inner Damaged Chimney Inspection


Eye Test Inspection

The eye test for an inner damaged chimney goes in a routine. First visible sight is the firebricks, or the bricks that make up the open part of your fireplace in the house. We look for cracks in the firebrick that are larger than a nickel width or cracks in the mortar. Second, we open up the chimney damper and inspect the smoke chamber for a proper parge. What is the smoke chamber? Think of the fireplace opening as point A and the fireplace liner as point C. The smoke chamber is the linking tunnel between the two and it should be a smooth finish.

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Chimney Flue Liner Inspection

Lastly, we look at the liners. Key items that may signal a damaged chimney include immediately visible cracks in the flue liner, overhanging mortar between clay flue liners which can be seen by silhouette all the way to the top, and voids or gaps between clay liners. If everything is visibly good, but theses issues are still brought up, it is then that we would put a camera into the chimney to inspect for a damaged chimney or cracked liner that is out of plain sight.

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At Coast to Coast Masonry Group (CTC), we repair, restore, protect, and preserve masonry including brick, stone, or even a chimney crown. Whether it is a necessary chimney rebuild, a broken glass block window, or inner damaged chimney our expert masons are here to help. We use the latest masonry technology techniques to restore brick and protect your home.

We at CTC Masonry are the complete solution to your masonry needs and making your chimney last longer. We highly value our clients and seek to gain their confidence by offering the highest level of customized chimney tuckpointing services and masonry products at a competitive price.

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