Is Crown Coat Reliable?

CrownCoat Sealant - Chimney Repair

Your chimney crown is the concrete slab on top of the chimney. As a responsible homeowner, you get your chimney clean and inspected annually and upon review, you are told your chimney crown needs repair. Depending on the extent of damage, there are two routes that are generally recommended and both hold different price points. One option is to dismantle the old concrete crown and pour a new one. The other option is to have an application of Crown Coat cement. Upon further review you figure out is a new coat, like paint, over your chimney crown. This is the cheaper repair, but does that mean that it is bad? The first answer is no, but the application use is dependent on the actual condition of the chimney crown.

Crown Coat Cement


What is Crown Coat?

Crown Coat is a sealant for crowns that is flexible and waterproof. Being flexible allows the sealant to expand slightly as the cracks on your crown may slowly expand. Being waterproof allows for good water runoff, especially if the chimney does not have proper flashing, to begin with. The Crown Coat sealant is generally applied and recommended for crowns with smaller hairline cracks. A bright note for Crown Coat is that it is generally advised to extend the life of your chimney crown for upwards to 15 years extra. This figure may vary on where you live, regardless, it does pay off to use Crown Coat as it is generally much cheaper than doing a full repair.

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New Chimney Crown or Crown Coat?

Yes, Crown Coat is reliable and used by most chimney companies. Is Crown Coat right for my chimney repair? This depends. If your chimney is being rebuilt and a new crown is being poured, it does not make sense to “add-on” this option, as a new crown should last a very long time if done properly, meaning the top of your chimney allows for moving parts with expansion and contraction during different temperatures.  If your chimney crown has very wide cracks, you can potentially patch defective areas with cement and then apply Crown Coat, however, this is not a common practice and the following is when Crown Coat is safely recommended for use. Crown Coat is most recommended for use when hairline size cracks begin to develop and these cracks are caught in time. Simple as that!

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