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You have realized your chimney crown is cracked. There can be a mountain of information that goes into giving you a reason for why it happened and in this article we will go over steel reinforcement. First off, what is the main weakness of concrete deterioration? The answer is tension. Tension in concrete will lead to cracks and reinforcement steel has the job of minimizing tension and factually minimizing the size of potentially inevitable cracking by holding weight load. If rebar, or reinforcement steel helps concrete hold, what is the steels weakness? The answer is corrosion. The rumor and practice stands that concrete and steel help each other out tremendously. Let’s go into the science and see if these two truly help each other out.

Concrete and Steel


The Science

Your chimney crown has reinforcement steel or rebar to help reduce tension. Check off the concretes weakness as it is helped out here! Now, your chimney crown is exposed to water year round through winter snows and April showers. How on earth is it a good idea to put steel into concrete if the concrete absorbs water and water speeds up the corrosion of steel?! The real question, if reinforcement steel, or rebar, is helping the concretes weakness, how is concrete helping the steels weakness? Here is what science tell us: Concrete is very acidic, with pH levels north of 12. Now, when this is combined with steel, it actually creates a protection layer on the steel. As the reinforcement steel helped minimize a big weakness of concrete, concrete too has an answer for protecting the corrosive characteristic of steel.

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