How To Make My Chimney Last Longer

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What is a great way to destroy the PC I am typing this article up in my office? I can open the case that protects the hardware including the motherboard, intel chip, graphics card, and more and leaves it open outside to the elements. Rain, wind, and dust will immediately take its toll. However, I want my computer to last as long as it can. Aside from regular maintenance, I need to make sure the hardware is enclosed. Additionally, the ceiling, roof, and windows all keep it safe. Just like the multiple protective measures that are required to keep my computer lasting, there are similar aspects that make a chimney last longer and that are meant to protect your fireplace and/or utilities.

Parts To Make a Chimney Last Longer


Chimney Cap

A simple and cost effective way to protect your chimney is a rain and animal guard chimney cap. This is top most piece of the chimney and is installed in top of the flue liner. To make your chimney last longer factors like sparks or animals, rain or draft issues, can all be helped with a chimney cap. Check out this article about chimney caps.

Chimney Crown

Next on the list is a properly poured chimney crown. To make your chimney last longer, a good concrete crown is vital to a long living chimney. Like an umbrella should not have holes in it, chimney crowns should be in very good condition as these take a large toll of the elements when protecting everything below it. A good crown has overhang, flashing, reinforcement, and maintenance joints filled with caulking to allow for all pieces to expand and contract at different rates without losing its integrity. Check out this article about chimney crowns.

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Brick and Mortar

This is a maintenance piece of the chimney and it is important to keep an eye out for the condition of brick and mortar as this may signal a potential issue elsewhere. Spalling or cracking/chipping brick can signal fault depending on its location on the chimney. Brick and mortar deteriorating at the top can signal a cracked chimney crown which would require a new crown or Crown Coat sealant if caught in time. Deteriorating brick and mortar that is spotty around the chimney can signal cracked or faulty liners inside the chimney which are leaking gases.

Stainless Steel Liner

Lastly, but should ultimately be very high on your list if you want your chimney to last longer is the installation of stainless steel liners. Stainless steel can last hundreds of years as opposed to aluminum or galvanized metals which have a lifespan of 10-30 years. The only catch here is cost. Stainless steel will cost more than the previously spoken material, however, long term the investment is easily paid off not only in future maintenance costs but also with piece of mind that you are staying safe inside your home.

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