Waterproofing a Brick Foundation

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Leaks in your basement and in need of waterproofing a brick foundation? In older cities, like Chicago or Philadelphia, many houses are built with a brick foundation instead of a concrete foundation. With this type of foundation there is often less structural integrity and foundations cracks, leading to water intrusion, often occur. Below we will discuss the steps of waterproofing a brick foundation.


Waterproofing a Brick Foundation


Foundation Preparation

We begin with the excavation of foundation exterior, removing soil and disposing temporarily. This is done from top of the foundation down to the point where foundation meets footing. As a preparation prior to waterproofing and to solidify the wall, we spot grind and spot tuckpoint as necessary at this point. Additionally, any bricks that are cracked, or spalling, are removed and replaced with new. The final step prior to the waterproofing is cleaning of all the newly exposed masonry foundation walls below grade. This is completed with the use of high pressure water and various brick-safe commercial chemicals and detergents. This work shall be performed in a craftsman-like manner, taking all possible precaution to protect the surrounding surfaces and objects.

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Waterproofing foundation - brick
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Foundation Waterproofing

The final step is to apply, below grade, the liquid waterproofing membrane system (Sonneborn HLM 5000 T) directly to the foundation wall specially formulated for hand application by trowel to vertical surfaces. After proper curing time, we apply 1/4″ thick protection board over the membrane. After the protection board is installed, we will fill in  the above area with the original soil. These are all the steps of waterproofing a brick foundation.     

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