Constructing Proper Stone Stairs, Stone Walkways

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Stone stairs and stone walkways, a beautiful site at first, and a nightmare to look at two years down the road. What went wrong? Is there something that could have kept your stone stairs or stone walkways from caving in, cracking, moving, or simply loosening up? The answer is yes. It starts with a proper foundation. At Coast to Coast Masonry, we only do stone work on stairs if there is a proper foundation. A thick foundation is preferred, and such work can be warrantied. A thin concrete slab is most likely insufficient unless heavily reinforced and warranty will be lessened as foundation issues will lead to failure of the stone stairs or stone walkways – this is especially true in the Chicago area with constant freeze and thaw in the winters. Lastly, no foundation is something we will not work with – these stones will “dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge” – seriously, it will be a mess.


Stone Stairs, Stone Walkways


Concrete Preparation

The process of constructing stone stairs or stone walkways is begins with pouring concrete stairs or walkways. If concrete already exists, the concrete will be cleaned to a smooth surface before stone installation with the use of high-pressure water and various commercial chemicals and detergents. Upon preparing the surface, the new stone is laid with completely sealed bed and head joints. Polymer-modified mortar will be mixed with 1:1:6 proportions.

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Stone Installation

First, solid materials are put in a dry mix and then a minimum amount of water is added as a bonding agent consistent with workability to provide tensile bond strength capacity of the mortar. An additional note, stone at treads will be installed with 1/8” pitch for water runoff.

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