Type N Mortar & Type O Mortar

Type n mortar - brick layer

In masonry, mortars are prepared by adding water, cement, sand, hydrated lime, etc. and are used to hold bricks and other masonry, like stone, together to give structural integrity to a wall or other structures. Mortars consist of various types, but the commonly used are type N, O, S, and M. Each type of mortar is mixed in a different ratio of cement, sand, and lime to produce the preferred characteristic. Despite the mortars different strength and application areas, they still perform various general functions. All mortars perform the role of binding together bricks or stones. Additionally, they provide a strengthening finishing to repair cracks and improve the appearance of walls. Below, we will highlight mortar type N and type O. 


Type N Mortar & Type O Mortar


Type N Mortar

Mortars vary differently in strength, depending on the type of use to be applied. Type N mortar mix is typically recommended for exterior use and above foundation level walls that are likely to be affected by unfavorable weather. It has a moderate compressive strength compiling. It is used most generally for most masonry repairs.

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Type O Mortar

Type O mortar mix has a low compressive strength. Therefore, Type O mortar is commonly applied on interior projects that are not structural pieces, rather decorative, and above foundation level. It should not be used in exterior purposes. Nonetheless, it is the great for repairs on existing interior walls.

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