Comparing Different Brick Sizes

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Bricks are made up of clay with water, lime, sand, or any concrete material and then putting the brick molding in fire. Modular size brick is the requirement for many industrial constructions and is becoming an extremely common size in residential use. The measurements of modular size bricks is generally 2.5 inches tall and 7.625 inches long, and its depth is 3.625 inches. In the past, standard size brick was typically 8 inches long and this size is becoming less common, being replaced by the modular size brick. Regardless, different manufactures have a range of different dimensions and sizes to cover various application under the same name. For example, a standard size in a particular manufacturer (2.5 in. x 8 in. x 3.625 in.) can be minimally different from a standard brick size in another company (2.5 in. x 7.9 in. x 3.625 in.). In cases where specific porosity, strength, and resistance to acid are needed, engineer brick always gives a good solution, which is just a little larger than standard size brick, and modular.


Comparing Different Brick Sizes


Bricks Larger than Standard Size, Modular Size

The size of an engineer brick is (2.75 in. x 8 in. x 3.625 in.). Going larger than standard size and modular size, Norman brick was used more as an industrial size brick. Only a total of three bricks are needed per square foot where a standard or modular size brick has a total of roughly seven bricks per square foot. For a period, the Norman brick and other larger brick has been used for large buildings to minimize costs.

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Norman Size and Up

In the past the Norman brick was the biggest brick that was in common use but as time went on, it was beat out by the use of bricks such as Kingsize, Ambassador, and Monarch brick. The Monarch brick is (3.5 in. x 15.625 in. x 3.635 in.) Different types of bricks vary depending on the building  need. A range of specific shapes and sizes is available to facilitate the aesthetic design of buildings.

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