Why tuckpointing is important…

Tuckpointing is the removal of cracked or loose mortar in brick, stone or concrete blocks and replacing it to help protect, restore, and bring the masonry to its original state.

Maintaining mortar joints with tuckpointing, as necessary, is crucial to the structure of every masonry building. Due to years of weathering, water saturation from rain and snow melt, as well as, harsh de-icing chemicals buildings mortar joints will crack and decay overtime. Along with weather complication, defects in the roofing system, copings, flashing systems, or previous improper tuckpointing also play a roll in the life-span of mortar, brick, and stone, eventually leading to necessary proper tuckpointing.

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Maintain mortar health!


Mortar is the material that binds brick and stone together. Chicagoland is known for its unpredictable weather conditions. This is why tuckpointing and maintenance is critical. Often times, water that is absorbed into mortar, can freeze during the winter season, expanding within the mortar causing it to crack and crumble. It has a domino effect on the bricks and stone as well. Failure to maintain the health of the mortar through waterproofing, tuckpointing, etc, can lead to loose bricks, stone and concrete blocks which will too crack and deteriorate. Eventually, this may cause leakage into the building.

Using a machine grinder, which is a special tool designed to remove the masonry in combination with a dust control vacuum, the damaged mortar is grounded out to solid bed joint. Tuckpointing (filled with new mortar) is the next step. After proper washing with a detergent/acid wash the new mortar is renewed to the health and look of the original masonry building.


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