Is My Chimney Leaking?

Chimney Crown Crack - Chimney Repair Chicago

Coming home from a long day at work you creak your front door open, kick off your shoes, and jump on your living room couch to watch some TV. Two feet from your TV, you finally notice dried water stains on your drywall. You notice this leak aligns with your chimney, but the chimney looks perfectly fine. Regardless, you decide to have the chimney inspected.

Chimney Crown Inspection

At Coast to Coast Masonry, we have found this to be such a common issue – all the damage is completely hidden on the far side of the chimney! In the photo here, we notice one crack on the chimney crown. Without a ladder and getting on the roof, it would not be seen. In our article on how to pour a proper chimney crown, you will notice the issue is caused by skipping step #2. What does that mean? The clay flue liner and concrete are missing any separation by flashings so they had no room to expand and contract to heat/cold. The tension between the two led to a crack on the chimney crown.

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Mortar falling out - Chimney tuckpointing chicago

Brick, Mortar Inspection

Now that there is access for moisture to get in, why is it bad? All moisture, especially in Chicago will freeze and thaw with the seasons. When this happens in the bricks, mortar, or clay liners more damage will occur, ultimately not allowing your chimney to safely work while damaging your house. Again, in this photo you see the mortar falling out completely hidden from sight on the ground. As the moisture enters your chimney structure above the roof, the same thing happens below the chimney. So your dried up moisture on your drywall; it started with a cracked chimney crown that allowed for moisture to seep into your entire chimney structure. When the chimney structure, below the roof, builds up moisture, it eventually passes to anything it is in close contact with and becomes a damaging force.

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At Coast to Coast Masonry Group (CTC), we repair, restore, protect, and preserve masonry including brick, stone, and concrete. Whether it is a crumbling chimney, a broken glass block window, or parapet wall our expert masons are here to help. We use the latest masonry technology techniques to restore brick and protect your home.

We at CTC Masonry are the complete solution to your masonry and chimney needs. We highly value our clients and seek to gain their confidence by offering the highest level of customized chimney services and masonry products at a competitive price.

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