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Masonry Contractors In Elk Grove Village


If the brick or stone on your property is starting to deteriorate, it’s a good idea to have it taken care of as soon as possible. Not only will this restore the building to its original look, but it also can help prevent serious structural issues that can develop. If you’ve spotted crumbling brick, cracked stone, or a dilapidated chimney on your home or commercial building in Elk Grove Village, it’s time to call the expert masonry contractors at Coast to Coast Masonry.

We’re the team property owners trust for a wide range of masonry services. We understand the impact the area’s harsh winters can have on brickwork, which is why it’s so important to have qualified experts who know how to address the most common problems. Give us a call or reach out online to find out more about everything we can do to protect the structural integrity and aesthetic value of your building.

Our Comprehensive Capabilities for Your Property


We’re the most complete masonry contractors serving Elk Grove Village, with extensive capabilities to address all your needs. Here’s a quick overview of everything we have to offer:

Brick Masonry

Our expertise with brick repair and installation makes us the go-to contractors for garden walls, fireplaces, and more. We can replace cracked or crumbling bricks around your property to restore its look and performance.

Stone Masonry

We’re experienced working with natural as well as manufactured stone, so we’re the best choice for concrete block repair as well as other related services. From repairs to installation to detailing work including lintel replacement, our experts can handle your project.


Moisture, extreme weather, and wear and tear can wreak havoc on your mortar joints. When they start to deteriorate, it can be a sign of serious problems to come. Our advanced tuckpointing techniques can remove and replace them so you won’t have to worry about any further trouble.

Chimney Repair

Our experienced chimney rebuilders can handle all types of issues, including cracking, spalling, and water leakage. We also offer services such as chimney sweeping and repairs to keep yours in good condition.

Parapet Wall

Any walls around your roof, balcony, or terrace need to be kept in good shape to prevent structural damage. Fortunately, we have the experience to help you restore and replace your parapet walls.


Water can be one of masonry’s worst enemies, causing damage, deterioration, and mold growth. Our advanced techniques and use of high-quality sealants can protect your brick and stone from moisture infiltration and keep it in good health.

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Why Choose Us as Your Masonry Contractors?


CTC Masonry is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest levels of expertise and professionalism in everything we do. Homeowners and businesses throughout Elk Grove Village count on our experience, meticulous attention to detail, and open communication to see their projects through to completion.

Working with us means you can expect all your needs to be met with care and precision, leading to the best overall results. If you want to learn more about what we can do for you, reach out and get in touch with us today.


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