Clean Fireplace Ashes

fireplace ash - chimney cleaning

Step back for a second and ask… Is it even necessary to remove fireplace ashes? The answer may surprise you – yes and no. Seasonally yes, it is very important to clean up your ashes. Additionally, if your ash buildup is too high than it is important to remove fireplace ashes, however, it is actually ok to allow a little to remain. Why is this? Ashes are a convenient catalyst that allows for an even, quick-start, and consistent fire.


Clean Fireplace Ashes


Removing Ashes

Eventually, comes a time, to remove fireplace ashes as necessary. When is this? During winter months, where air is typically more dry, the 1”-2” build up of ash can remain. During spring, post-winter, moisture levels rise. The mixture of ash and moisture, increases the ash acidity levels and can set doom on your fireplace. The acidic ashes can eat away at brick or metal. Post winter, is the correct time to remove ashes and clean your fireplace.

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wood burning fireplace - ash cleanupExtra Uses – Fireplace Ashes

As you clean your fireplace throughout the winter, there is actually a few uses for the extra ashes. For plants and gardens, the ash is a tremendous fertilizer – this can be saved over the winter, or used at in home gardens/plants. Another interesting option is the use of ashes on ice. Ashes spread across iced driveways or iced sidewalks can provide some needed traction. Overall, fireplace ashes are actually a nice commodity to have. At the end of your fireplace season, however, be sure to schedule a chimney sweep for a final season ending cleaning.

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