Rebuilding a Chimney

When rebuilding a chimney, there are few steps done prior to the work date. Some of these include brick or stone matching, confirming chimney rebuild design with the client, and basic scheduling. Brick or stone matching, more tedious than expected, incudes taking photo samples or physical samples and visiting brickyards. At these brickyards, sample boards are present and allow for side by side comparisons with the existing chimney material. Next, confirming the chimney rebuild design allows for creativity within proper guidelines and lifespan of the chimney. Finally, the scheduling of work – this includes setting a project date that will generally be set as long as weather delays the project. After these prep steps, we go ahead to rebuilding the chimney.


Chimney Rebuild Process


Chimney Rebuilding Step by Step

The rebuilding of the chimney can be a full dismantle and rebuild, or a partial rebuild where only the affected areas are worked on. This work is generally completed with the use of new bricks to match the original existing bricks as close as possible: ASTM C-216 latest edition, Grade SW, Type FBX, or better. Sometimes, during the chimney rebuild bricks are salvaged and reused, or in the case of common brick, they are usually purchased salvaged. Upon dismantling, the new chimney is relayed back to its original lines plumb with the surrounding masonry. Original lines essentially mean the same height – the chimney rebuild may have a different design at the top to be more efficient and/or more decorative. 

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Final Touches of a Chimney Rebuild

During the work, the brick is laid with completely sealed bed and head joints with mortar of type N. The new mortar of type N is pre-hydrated prior to adding potable water to a workable mix and is not re- tempered more than once. The new mortar of type N is processed to match the existing mortar in comprehensive strength, color, and joint style as close as possible. During the rebuilding operation, we inspect each accessible clay flue. Any found broken or cracked is replaced with new. Upon completion of the new masonry, we pour a new custom concrete crown at least 4″ thick, with at least 2″ overhang. The new crown is reinforced with wire mesh #10 gage. To handle the Chicago weather, the chimney rebuild includes a flexible membrane installed where the concrete crown meets the flue liner and brick.

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At Coast to Coast Masonry Group (CTC), we repair, restore, protect, and preserve masonry including brick, stone, or even a chimney crown. Whether it is a necessary chimney rebuild, a broken glass block window, or chimney tuckpointing our expert masons are here to help. We use the latest masonry technology techniques to restore brick and protect your home.

We at CTC Masonry are the complete solution to your masonry needs and making your chimney last longer. We highly value our clients and seek to gain their confidence by offering the highest level of customized chimney services and masonry products at a competitive price.

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