Vista De Lago Condo Association (Chicago, IL)

I am the treasurer of a 16 unit walk up building (3 floors) in Rogers Park. Our building needed some serious tuckpointing work specially in the back. 
We contacted numerous tuckpointing companies and had very mixed responses. Some came in very high in price, some wanted to give me a cut back, some gave incomplete estimate and never came back, some never came in the first place. This was a very taxing experience. Then we found Coast to Coast. They sent their representative, Stanley.  
Stanley was very professional and thorough. He went over different scenarios of what needed to be done as what was more of a cosmetic and not as urgent. He took pictures and then presented us with a very thorough estimate. His price was actually the most reasonable we received. 
When we agreed on the price, they scheduled us to start the work soon after. They showed up on the day they were scheduled. Here are my observations on their work: 
1. They were very punctual and worked all day. 
2. They sent anywhere between 4-6 workers which made the overall job go faster than we all anticipated. 
3. They made sure they left everything clean. 
4. They went above and beyond what was promised. I can honestly thing our building looks brand new now and everyone I spoke with gave great compliments and feedback. 
We, in our building, are trying to have a preferred list of contractors for all purposes. Coast to Coast is definitely our top choice when it comes to Tuckpointing. I highly recommend them. 

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