Richard T. (Glenview, IL)

My wife lined up the contractor based on details I gave her about what needed to be done.  I was very busy in a new job and couldn’t take the time to call around for contractors.  Roman was very polite, professional and helpful with her! The crew arrived on time on the appointed day and was very polite and professional.  They used heavy-duty hand-held circular saws and hand tools to surgically remove both of the limestone sills below the window (not just the one that was tilted inward), and remove any mortar or caulk still stuck to them.  They also cleaned up the brick around the opening so that both the brick and sills looked brand new.  They installed a new heavy-duty moisture barrier inside the opening, put the original sills back in the opening, mortared them in place, and caulked all around the window.  They did a good job of matching the original mortar and caulking colors.  They looked like they had done jobs like this thousands of times!  They cleaned up the work site and left everything just as they found it.  About the only thing they didn’t do was wash the window to remove the dust on it created by their power saws. The price was exactly as quoted.  I would definitely use them again if I have other masonry work. FYI, we got a quote from another contractor who does masonry and window installation.  He said that if he removed and replaced the sill, it would “never be right” (i.e. would continue to leak).  He proposed that we replace the entire 8′ wide x 12′ high arched window at a cost of almost $5,000!  Roman’s crew got it right – the water runs off and no longer pools on the sill – at a fraction of what the other contractor quoted. We contracted someone else to deal with the interior damage as Coast to Coast doesn’t do interior work. 

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