Michael L. (Kildeer, IL)

Romen and his crew are terrific.  The did great work at a great price.  When we moved in, we got quotes from a few Angie’s List members, including Coast to Coast.  Romen’s quote was the most professional we received, and we had it within a day of his visit.  His quote was also $2,000 less than a competitor’s quote.  The competitor had written up a quote for more work than was needed.  Romen respected our budget and suggested we simply recaulk flashing for now, rather than replacing it all (which would involve quite a bit more work and would have cost us about $700 more).  He suggested we wait to replace flashing when we re-do the roof, at which time the flashing has to come up anyway.  His quote outlined exactly the work Coast to Coast would perform, and it included details like “we will use tarps to keep work space clean and we will clean up daily”.  He detailed the specifics of what materials would be used and what process would be followed.  Coast to Coast was out almost immediately to start work on the chimneys.  It was mid-summer when they came, and he and his crew worked on back-to-back 100 degree days on the roof, and in the attic in the case of the attic fan they installed for us.  They were courteous from start to finish, and worked quickly and dilligently.  They picked bricks that matched the existing brickwork on the chimney so it appears seamless.  They inspected the structure of our chimneys all the way down into the attic, and looked at the insides with a camera.  They helped us save more money, too, by letting us know the flues did not need the attention of a chimney sweep because they were clean already.  They went out of their way to help us, especially with the attic fan install, which is not something we would have thought a masonry firm might do.  They did a great job installing it.  After doing all their, they cleaned up the space well.  Then a few days later they came back out to see how the concrete was curing.  Romen also offered to help install whatever fireplace we bought as part of our contract for the fireplace job.  At his own initiative he called twice to see if we had purchased one so he could help put it in.  After telling him we had to pass on buying a fireplace because we had spent all of our home improvement money, he offered to come help and put in damper at the top of that chimney to help keep out the elements until we decided what sort of fireplace to put there.  He came out and did that work without charge.  Really a great service experience has come out of a project that seemed somewhat mundane.  Thanks, Romen!

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