John S. (Evanston, IL)

Wow. I have never been so impressed and felt so comfortable with a worker than I did with Romen and Coast to Coast Masonry Group. Not only did Romen know so much about chimnies, liners, and brick work but he was much more thorough than any of the other companies I had asked to come out and look at our problem. He took the time to see if we actually needed the work that others had said we needed at much higher prices (one of the other guys from Angie’s List with “A’s” had even told me I shouldn’t even wait 2 days to get the job done after his quick assessment). It turns out we don’t need the work done. I assume this is correct because 1. Romen explained in very good detail why he was recommending that and showed me on what he based his recommendation and 2. he made no money off it–and won’t make any money off it. He saved us almost two thousand dollars when that money could have been his. But it doesn’t stop there. He explained to me what I needed to do in order to keep things running smoothly with my furnace and chimney and then ended up taking a few extra minutes and doing it for me (and doing a better job than what I could have done, of course). He wouldn’t even take a tip. Now I have no need to use him again and I actually wish I did—though I’m happy not to need the services! 

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