Jeff R. (Skokie, IL)

Coast to Coast Masonry is a professional company from start to finish.  I found them on Angie’s list and then contacted them.  They promised to come out for an estimate on a certain date and a certain time.  On the date we had agreed to meet for the estimate they called us about 30 minutes prior to our meeting time to let us know they were on their way and would be there slightly early.  

The very next business day I received a fax copy of the their estimate (an original followed in the mail a day later).  They gave me two options, one to just paint the existing chimney cap and ‘clean it up’ and the 2nd option to totally replace the chimney cap.  I opted to replace the chimney cap.  I selected the option on their quote and faxed it back.  The owner contacted me that same day and negotiated a date to come out and perform the work. 

On the day before the agreed upon work date I received a call from the owner reminding me that they would be out to my house the next day to perform the work.  I wasn’t sure my wife would be home but the owner assured me that it was all outside work and there was no need for anybody to be there.   

THey came out the next day and performed the chimney work, quickly, efficiently and NEATLY!  They had even found a roof shingle that was missing during the estimate and brought a replacement shingle and installed it.  When I arrived home that night I was impressed to see the work completed and NO MESS left at all.  It was almost as if nobody had even been there. 

Additionally, during the estimate, my wife had spoken to the estimator and mentioned that we had some bricks on the face of the house with mortar missing.  I didn’t even know she had spoken to them about this.  That night when I was looking around she mentioned to me that she had spoken to them about this.  I told her it wasn’t on their quote so they didn’t miss anything.  However, on Monday I emailed the owner and mentioned this to him.  He responded immediately and was totally embarrassed that he had indeed spoken to my wife about this and then forgotten to put it on the quote.  He told me, in his email, he would have somebody out to our house that afternoon…and the add’l work would be no charge.  I responded that I did not expect the work to be done for free and to please send me an invoice for the add’l work.  HIS response was to reemphasize that he would not charge me for the work since he had forgotten it in the first place.  Later that afternoon I was working from home.  The bell rang and there was a Coast to Coast employee letting me know that he was taking care of the missing mortar.  He left about 30 minutes later…with the work all complete. 

You can’t go wrong working with a company that is THIS professional AND still believes in (and practices) good customer service.  From this point forward I will be using Coast to Coast for ANY brick, roofing, and masonry work.  I would recommend ANYBODY needing these types of services to look no further…hire Coast to Coast.

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