James K. (Mount Prospect, IL)

Romen Zajac responded to my request for an estimate within one day of my call. Romen was very pleasant and knowlegeable and took a thorough walk around my entire house identifying additional areas of concern like the window sills that I had not noticed needed attention. Romen provided some options in handling the work and took precise measurements before he left. I received a very detailed estimate by email within 2 days and a copy in the mail a day or two later.  I really liked getting a couple of options for the flower box repairs which was the most involved repair. I received another estimate from a competitor and basically received a one page, two line quote. Coast-to Coast provided 4 pages describing exactly what they were going to to do and the costs for each item along with a copy of their certificate of liability insurance. I was very pleased with the estimate. Work started a week later. (the other company estimated 6-8 weeks out). 

The work took around two days and the workers were really nice and very neat, using dustless grinding equipment and vacuums. I couldn’t be more happy with the results. House looks like new! Interestingly, Romen came back without being asked to look over the work. He found a few areas that needed to be matched a little better (looked fine to me) and the crew was back the next day for a little touch up.  

The entire process was flawless from start to finish and the price was extremely competitive. Communications were excellent through both email and the telephone. I would highly recommend Coast to Coast Masonry.

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