Gary S. (Glencoe, IL)

While getting estimates for a new roof, we learned that our chimney was in need of repairs. After meeting with 5 masonry groups, we decided to choose Coast to Coast. Their price seemed very reasonable and Romen, the gentlemen who gave us the estimate, seemed highly knowledgeable. A few days after we met, he sent someone out who was tasked with finding us  face brick that would match the painted bricks on other parts of the house. When he returned to show us the brick sample he had found, he seemed as happy as we were that it was such a perfect match. It was clear that everyone who worked on the job did so with a sense of pride in doing a careful, first-rate job. The crew was professional in every way. The were on time and managed to start on the day that was scheduled 3 weeks earlier. To our surprise (based on what others had said), they finished everything in one day. Our yard was left in the same condition as before the work had begun and someone even came in to clean our fire box and the area around the fireplace afterwards. Truly a professional group that I am very comfortable recommending. I only wish every home maintenance issue we have could be addressed so successfully. Our new chimney looks great!!


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