Elizabeth B. (Oak Park, IL)

We are very impressed with the high quality of work this company has done at our house. The first day of work was pouring rain, but nevertheless they did not reschedule dismantling of the walls and worked hard until evening. They removed and examined every stone very carefully, and as a result we had just a few limestones broken up. Despite the rain, there was no any mess left and the piled stones looked tidy. Next, we were working with another company on pouring foundation, and they did not mind to wait for almost two months before they could continue. Rebuilding was done again very professionally; they were highly skilled in incorporating new stones for replacement, and cleaning the old stones with the acid wash produced great result. The co-owners personally supervised the progress and it was obvious that they are kind to their employees. Romen and Stanley were always accessible and answered all our questions patiently. Surprisingly, they did not require to pay a deposit and we paid the whole sum upon project completion. At last but not least, both times they scheduled their visits promptly!    

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