Tuckpointing Options

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Masonry work is a labor-intensive field. Moving items like bricks, cement, scaffolding, and more all attribute to final costs in your project. Some masonry work on your house has many routes to choose from and costs often vary based on labor. In this article, we will discuss different tuckpointing options for your project. These options will include spot grinding and spot tuckpointing, grinding 100% and tuckpointing 100%, and tuckpointing alone.


Tuckpointing Options


Grinding and Tuckpointing

Typically, as routine maintenance for your building, it is recommended to proceed with spot grinding and spot tuckpointing. This process includes a full visual inspection of the brick and mortar – any visual cracks are grinded out ¾”, or as necessary, and filled tightly with new mortar. A benefit of this work includes reinforced strength in your mortar and prevention from leaks, further brick damage, and more. Another option for masonry repairs on your building is grinding 100% and tuckpointing 100%. This can sometimes be necessary, however, more commonly it is selected for aesthetic purposes. Spot grinding and spot tuckpointing will match the existing mortar as close as possible in color, texture, and joint style, but it will never be perfect. Grinding 100% and tuckpointing 100% will guarantee all mortar will match and is always visually a treat!

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Tuckpointing Only

The other option is avoiding grinding mortar and only tuckpointing over the existing mortar. This will typically done on an entire wall and can be visually appealing. A client may request just to tuckpoint over existing cracks to avoid the extra work of grinding to lower costs. This would not lower costs. Only tuckpointing, over an existing wall requires power washing the brick and mortar in the first place. This clears any existing debris and dirt that may weaken the bond of the mortar. Because of this additional labor costs will remain similar. The biggest difference between grinding and/or tuckpointing options is cost and aesthetics.

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