Walter G. (Gurnee, IL)

The work preformed was top notch. Started work on time. They where suppose to replace the chimney above roof and install new stainless steel liner. After review it was decided the new liner was not needed at this time, they replaced three clay tiles inside chimney.    A very good  explanation was given so you understood what the situation was .This is a very old house so you never know what you will find! There was a hole in chimney hidden under some insulation they found and repaired in attic. Clean up was excellent you can’t tell someone was even there.  I would recommend them to anyone in need of there services. The best part was, communication was excellent in explaining the problem and options . After talking with them you went away understanding and confident in the decision made between you and them. The liner was removed from the initial quote. Final bill was about half of what we expected. it was a great experience in dealing with them believe me. we now know a little bit more about this old house. 

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